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Why is clinical trial participation important in mesothelioma?

Clinical trial participation is the life blood of progress in treating mesothelioma. When over 450 patietns world wide volunteered we were able to show that the 2 drug regimen of cisplatin and alimta was superior to cisplatin. That 2003 study estab lished that 2 drug regimen as the standard of care. However, we have since been unable to make much progress, in part because many patients and doctors prefer a “tried and true” approach. However the “tried and true” of using a 2 drug regimen does not advance the field. Mesothelioma patients need to be bold. They and their physicians need to push the boundaries and invest in the future by joining and demanding that clinical trials be available. If need be patients should travel to sites that have such trials available.

--Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD, US Oncology Research

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Why is clinical trial participation important in mesothelioma?

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