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What advances have you seen over the years in gene therapy for mesothelioma?

We have been conducting gene therapy clinical trials for malignant mesothelioma since 1995, initially using the so-called "suicide gene" HSV-TK and demonstrated safe and successful intrapleural gene transfer and evidence of clinical responses and some long-term (greater than 10 year) survivals with single dose treatment.  Over the past 8 years, we have transitioned to intrapleural delivery of cytokine genes to stimulate local and systemic anti-tumor responses. Currently we are conducting several clinical trials of adenoviral-mediated interferon alpha gene therapy, both with intrapleural and intratumoral delivery.  Our current Phase I trials involve two doses of gene vector alone; our Phase I/II trials involve combinations of interferon-alpha gene delivery with standard front-line chemotherapy (Pemetrexed/Cisplatin) or an accepted second-line regimen (Gemcitabine/Carboplatin).  In 2012, we hope to initiate a trial involving neoadjuvant vector delivery followed by radical pleurectomy and intraoperative photodynamic therapy. 

--Dan Sterman, MD, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

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What advances have you seen over the years in gene therapy for mesothelioma?

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