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Advocacy 101

Jessica Barker
Government Affairs Coordinator, Meso Foundation

Jessica Barker is the newest addition to the Meso Foundation staff. In her capacity of Government Affairs Coordinator, she is looking forward to working with Foundation advocates to raise awareness and advance the cause of mesothelioma with our lawmakers. With over eight years experience working for health organizations in the DC area, she is a wealth of knowledge of the inner workings inside the beltway. Armed with a strong knowledge of the lawmaking process and a soon to be completed master’s degree in public health, Jessica will help acclimate the Meso Foundation to its new political home in the DC metro area. Jessica has advocated on behalf of healthcare providers, state officials and consumers. Jessica is always available to members of the Meso Foundation Community, and strives to be a valuable resource. A self-described foodie, Jessica looks forward to giving everyone restaurant recommendations at the Symposium.

Click here to view the slides for "Advocacy 101" presented by Jessica Barker, Government Affairs Coordinator, Meso Foundation.

To view the video, click on it.

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