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A life well lived by Hanne Mintz

Hanne Mintz
Co-chair of the Meso Foundation Board of Directors

Hanne Mintz is President of Paragon Language Services, Inc., a professional translation and interpreting agency providing services in over 90 languages, catering to all industries and disciplines. Hanne was born in Sweden and educated in Sweden, England and the United States.

The Mintz family was pulled into what to them was the previously unknown world of meso when Hanne’s 30 year-old son, Adam, was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma. Adam was a chef, an outdoorsman, a skier and hiker, a prankster, and a kind and generous young man. No one really knows how Adam was exposed to asbestos; however, every school he attended was contaminated, and the house where the family lived for 32 years was found to have transite, a common building material made from asbestos and cement. Adam’s sister, Marina, helped care for Adam while the family watched his steady, painful decline, wasting away from a 190lb young man to a 125lb shadow, 2½ years after his diagnosis.

Hanne is passionate about finding treatment and a cure. She began her quest when Adam was first diagnosed, and spent days and nights on the internet looking for any glimmer of hope, calling researchers, begging for Adam to be included in any treatment, however experimental. She knows the answers are out there, she is determined to make a difference and has pledged all her energy to support the Meso Foundation in its quest to save lives.

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