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Global Perspectives on Mesothelioma

Laurie Kazan-Allen
The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat

Ms. Laurie Kazan-Allen has been researching, writing and campaigning on asbestos issues for more than twenty years. The British Asbestos Newsletter, the quarterly publication she founded in 1990, is widely regarded as one of the most authoritative contemporary sources of information by the UK community of asbestos activists. In collaboration with international colleagues, in 1999 she established The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS). As the IBAS Coordinator she has organized and/or participated in asbestos events on six continents, amongst the most recent of which was the 2011 meeting in India of the Asian Ban Asbestos Network and the 2011 seminar: “Asbestos-Still a Killer” in the European Parliament. As an adviser to the UK All Party Parliamentary Asbestos Sub-Group, Ms. Kazan-Allen helps organize the annual Parliamentary asbestos seminar. Kazan-Allen has written prolifically about asbestos issues in 80+ issues of the British Asbestos Newsletter and in IBAS publications such as Eternit and the Great Asbestos Trial, Report on the Asian Asbestos Conference 2009, India’s Asbestos Time Bomb and Killing the Future – Asbestos Use in Asia. These and other texts can be accessed on the websites: www.britishasbestosnewsletter.org and www.ibasecretariat.org On March 25, 2012, Ms. Kazan-Allen became the first non-Australian to receive the prestigious Emeritus Professor Eric G. Saint Memorial Award at a ceremony held in Perth, Western Australia.

Jessica Barker
Director of Government Affairs, Meso Foundation

Jessica Barker is the Director of Government Affairs for the Meso Foundation, working with meso advocates to raise awareness and advance the cause of mesothelioma with our lawmakers. In this capacity, her primary objectives are to raise awareness of mesothelioma and increase federal funding for mesothelioma research. Prior to joining the Meso Foundation staff, Jessica worked with the American Network of Community Options and Resources and the National Association of State Units on Aging and Disability on long term care issues, including Medicaid and Medicare. She also led the legislative and communications efforts at the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health. Jessica holds a Masters of Public Health from the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Public Health and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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