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Introduction - Volunteer Fundraising

After viewing this introduction, please make sure to also watch the main Volunteer Fundraising session! 

Shelly Kozicki
Community Fundraising Committee Co-chair

Shelly Kozicki has been involved with the Meso Foundation for over 14 years, since her dear husband Craig received his devastating diagnosis. Shelly lovingly cared for Craig for 11 years before he lost his battle with mesothelioma in April, 2009.  She has dedicated her life to finding a cure, and has taking an active role in the mesothelioma community.
Shelly is the first person to start a named grant in in honor of her husband, Craig, raising $100,000 to fund the first Craig Kozicki Research Grant in 2007. She has hosted or helped host trivia nights, golf tournaments, Quartermanias, letter writing campaigns and other events to support the Meso Foundation. Shelly has now funded two $100,000 Craig Kozicki Research Grants and is well on her way to funding a third. Shelly will reach a major milestone of raising a total of $250,000 for the Foundation this year. Shelly’s hard work and dedication has been an inspiration to members of the community that have followed her lead and funded named grants for their loved ones.
Shelly lives in St. Charles, MO but can often be found visiting daughter Emily and her husband Kyle (and granddog Hazel) in Madison, WI.  She enjoys traveling, bowling and spending time with her family and friends.

Erica Ruble
Community Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Erica Ruble’s life was forever changed when her dad, Lance Ruble was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in August 2007. He bravely chose to endure all treatment options that were available. Despite, having chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation he passed away in 12 months. Watching her hero succumb to such a deadly disease ignited a fire in her to make a difference and raise funds for mesothelioma research. She attended the Mesothelioma Symposium in 2009 and was inspired by fellow Co-Chair, Shelly Kozicki to have a research grant named after her dad. On the one year anniversary of the passing of her dad, she started a massive letter campaign to raise funds for mesothelioma research. With one single letter that she wrote about her dad, she raised $27,000.00 sending the letter to over 350 people who knew Lance. Her contributions to mesothelioma research continue, by raising funds at events such as poker tournaments, roller hockey tournaments, community garage sales, triathlons, partnering with local grocery stores, and with the law firm that represented her dad. Erica and her family have raised over $160,000.00 for mesothelioma research in just 3 years. She is currently fundraising for the second Lance S. Ruble Research Grant. Erica is dedicated to a life-long contribution to mesothelioma research. It is her hope that in her lifetime better treatment options are available for those with mesothelioma so patients do not have to suffer like her dad did. 
Erica is married and has two young children. She is a Board Member and Secretary for the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. In her spare time she practices law and is involved with family businesses. 

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