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Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP): What it's all about?

Mary Hesdorffer, Nurse Practitioner
Medical Liaison, Meso Foundation

Mary Hesdorffer received her undergraduate degree at the College of New Rochelle in NY and went on to receive her Masters of Science at the same institution. She is fully credentialed as a Nurse Practitioner and has spent 15 years actively treating patients with mesothelioma. Mary has an expertise in the development and implementation of clinical trials. She has published in peer reviewed journals and has lectured nationally on the topics pertaining to mesothelioma with particular emphasis on clinical trials as well as symptom and disease management. She is well known to the Foundation's community having attended and spoken at many of our symposiums. Mary is passionate in her commitment to the treatment and management of this disease and hopes to increase awareness of the need to advance the science that will lead to a cure. She is available via phone or email to assist patients and caregivers as they move from chaos to control of this new situation they find themselves thrust into.

Julie Gundlach

Julie Gundlach is a brave meso warrior that was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma at the young age of 35.  Ms. Gundlach is a young wife and mother who has become empowered to use her voice to advocate for herself and all mesothelioma patients.  She has presented at conferences and has been featured not only on her local news, but also on CNN.  Her oratory skills are remarkable, eloquent and passionate, never failing to bring a room to tears.  Her story is powerful, a young mother with mesothelioma opens the world’s eyes to the fact that anyone can get mesothelioma.  Ms. Gundlach has volunteered her time to serve as a consumer reviewer for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program for the second time this year.

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Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP): What it's all about?

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