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E.) Navigating Mesothelioma Clinical Trials with GPS (Getting Personalized Service)

Robert N. Taub, MD, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Robert Taub is Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons; Director, Columbia University Mesothelioma Center; and Attending Oncologist, Columbia University Medical Center. He is a medical oncologist and hematologist with a special interest in the diagnosis, clinical care, and investigation of patients with malignant mesothelioma and soft tissue sarcoma. The Columbia Mesothelioma Center under Dr. Taub’s direction is developing unique new treatment algorithms utilizing intracavitary chemotherapy for multimodal treatment of abdominal mesothelioma and for lung-sparing treatment of pleural mesothelioma. Dr Taub’s interests are in investigator-initiated cell-biology based laboratory and translational studies in mesothelioma and soft tissue sarcoma, in collaboration with the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Departments of Surgery and Pathology, as a means of optimizing the clinical care that he and his colleagues directly provide to these patients.

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