Today is the 21st Anniversary of the Overturn of the US Ban on Asbestos

Today it is 21 years since the U.S. ban on asbestos was overturned as a result of a litigation brought by asbestos industry stakeholders. As a result of their action, a new generation has been needlessly exposed to asbestos. The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat's investigation into how the ban bill was reversed can be read online along with key original documentation which reveals how vested interests defeated a government agency trying to protect U.S. citizens. See:


October 18, 2011: A Bloody Anniversary


You may be aware of the flurry of activity which has recently been taking place in Europe. In October there was a key meeting of ban asbestos activists in Brussels and last week there was a series of events in Paris which brought together ban asbestos activists from 20 countries. The IBAS report entitled “Storming the Asbestos Barricades” on the events on October 12 & 13, 2012 is now online:


Also see: IBAS blog:

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