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Volunteer Positions

Mesothelioma Support, Cure MesoThe Meso Foundation recognizes that the passion and compassion of those most directly affected by the disease. Mesothelioma patients and their families and friends, will ultimately be the most powerful force in overcoming mesothelioma. Therefore, the Foundation welcomes and encourages volunteers to take part, actively and directly, in the battle to eradicate mesothelioma.

Awareness and Advocacy Volunteers help get the word out about the current impact of mesothelioma and the need for increased research funding and more effective treatments. These volunteers can write letters to the editor responding to local or national news stories relevant to asbestos or mesothelioma, and participate in health events and other community events to raise awareness. These volunteers can also share with their federal representatives their personal stories and the facts about mesothelioma in order to advocate for a greater federal investment in mesothelioma research. This can be done through participating in the Foundation’s “Advocacy Day” in Washington, DC; meeting with federal representatives when they are in their home districts; calling or writing to representatives in response to Foundation “Action Alerts,” and finding other opportunities (e.g. local or national news stories) to communicate with their representatives.

Skills required: Public speaking ability, excellent writing skills, good understanding of mesothelioma and current status of the Foundation’s legislative efforts, ability to network within your local community.

Outreach Volunteers help other existing patients find out about the Meso Foundation and its services. They also reach out in advance to groups whose members are at elevated risk to develop mesothelioma so that an individual who is diagnosed will immediately have resources. Methods of outreach include:

• Direct contacts with patients in their communities (including internet virtual communities) or at their doctors’ offices
• Asking their doctors and attorneys to distribute Meso Foundation literature to their other mesothelioma patients/clients
• Presentations to unions, veterans’ halls, trade associations (e.g. contractors and mechanics) and other highly affected groups
• Working with relevant websites to link to the Meso Foundation website or provide information about the Meso Foundation, including the websites of the groups above, plus national or local medical websites (e.g. American Cancer Society), patient support websites and chat groups, asbestos safety websites

Skills required: Communication ability; knowledge of the Meso Foundation and its services.

Front-Line Physician Education Volunteers make sure their own treating physicians have supplies of Meso Foundation written materials and are distributing these materials to their other mesothelioma patients. These volunteers can also distribute Meso Foundation informational materials frequently to the other pulmonologists and oncologists in their community.

Skills required: Friendly persistence.

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