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Meso Foundation Research Grant Program









The Meso Foundation's peer-reviewed grant program provides a competitive un-biased process for selecting, awarding and overseeing mesothelioma research projects. Each year the Meso Foundation calls for proposals to be examined and critiqued by the Science Advisory Board. Those evaluated to be the most promising are submitted to the Foundation's Board of Directors for funding. The number of grants awarded is based solely on the amount received from donors of our community.

Once a grant application is awarded, the Foundation negotiates with the grantee and it's institution to agree on terms and conditions. The Foundation requires numerous reports and updates throughout the life of the project, both during and after the grant award term. Each report is evaluated by the Chairman of the Science Advisory Board and the Executive Director before a subsequent payment is made. Within the second year of the grant term each investigator is expected to attend the Meso Foundation's Symposium. We encourage this as it allows for interaction between a project and its donors and other interested parties.

When a grant term closes, the Meso Foundation receives a Final Progress Report detailing what was and wasn't accomplished regarding the project. We continue to watch for progress directly related to the grant funded to celebrate any publications, subsequent funding or resulting Clinical Trials.


We believe in a cure for meso.
We know the only way to find one is through research.
Therefore, knowledge is hope.

Publications and Impact
Collected publications displaying results of Meso Foundation funded research.

Grant Recipients
A list of past and presently funded projects with descriptions.

Grant Review Protocol
Detailed step by step guide of how a proposal becomes a project.

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