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Progress Report Guidelines

10 Month Progress Report 

  1. Progress Report 
     - a 2-3 page Progress Report detailing what research has been done and remains to be done on each of the specific aims, what has been learned, and what you expect to learn during the second year of the Project; and listing publications, presentations, and abstracts you have made resulting from the Project.
  2. Disposition of Funds Report 
        - itemizing the use of the Meso Foundation grant funds on the project
        - must be co-signed by the principle investigator and by a fiscal officer of the Institute
  3. Second Year Detailed Budget 
        - in the same format as the Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period

Any questions and Progress Reports should be emailed to mkotzian@curemeso.org Any hard copy versions of the progress report can be mailed to the Foundation to 1317 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.