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DoD Mesothelioma Research Funding Information

Significant Funding Opportunity for Mesothelioma Investigators
DOD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program

The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (Meso Foundation) is pleased to provide background information for investigators interested in pursuing research funding under the Department of Defense (DOD) Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) in FY 2013.

You can view a detailed program announcement, application instructions and submission deadlines at: http://blog.curemeso.org/congress-funds-congressionally-directed-dod-funding-fy18-80-million/

A top priority for the Meso Foundation has been to strengthen the federal government’s response to the mesothelioma tragedy through a commitment of new federal research dollars. Our advocacy efforts finally paid off when in 2008, for the first time, mesothelioma was included as a research priority within the DOD PRMRP. To date, $15.1 million have been funded to mesothelioma research from the DoD.

This funding opportunity can serve as a vital resource to help advance the research and treatment of mesothelioma. The Meso Foundation strongly encourages mesothelioma investigators to consider submitting applications for funding. The interest and engagement shown by the mesothelioma research community will likely be a factor in whether mesothelioma is included as an eligible subject in future years. Therefore please let us know of your intention of applying by emailing us at info@curemeso.org so that we can continue to advocate effectively for medical research funding for mesothelioma.

Tips for Demonstrating Military Relevance

A complete search of previously funded research can be found at the website for the DOD PRMRP at http://cdmrp.army.mil/search.aspx. The Meso Foundation can also provide summaries and technical abstracts of interest to mesothelioma investigators applying for funds under this program.

While we strongly encourage investigators to make as strong of a military connection as possible, establishing acceptable levels of military relevance can be done relatively easily and creatively. You might consider the following suggestions:

•Reference the established history of asbestos exposure in military service, and elevated risk of mesothelioma in the military population. In one large study, Navy or shipyard exposures totaled one third of mesothelioma cases. (Butnor, Sharma, Sporn, Roggli: Malignant mesothelioma and occupational exposure to asbestos: an analysis of 1445 cases. Ann Occup Hyg 2002; 46: 150-153.)

•Reinforce that the military and veteran populations are at higher risk of developing mesothelioma due to service related exposures to asbestos. Given the long latency of the disease, even if exposures are reduced, mesothelioma will continue to affect the veteran and military population for decades to come.

•Collaborate and integrate your project with military and/or Veterans Affairs (VA) research laboratories and hospitals. Please note that it is strongly encouraged that you include letters of support and verification letter(s) if your submission includes the involvement of military recruits or subjects, military-controlled study materials, databases, and/or restricted facilities.

If you need additional information on criteria for demonstrating military relevance, or to learn about past projects funded, please contact the Meso Foundation directly at 703-879-3825.