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Obtaining a Mesothelioma Awareness Proclamation

Make Meso Awareness Day Official in Your City and State!

Help raise awareness by encouraging your state and local government to join in declaring September 26th as Meso Awareness Day.

How to begin:

To ask your city to recognize Meso Awareness Day you will need to contact your local city council. They can tell you exactly what you will need to do to get a proclamation declaring September 26th, as Meso Awareness Day.

To ask your state to recognize Meso Awareness Day you will need to contact your state governor’s office and for a permanent state Resolution you will need to contact the state legislature in both the Senate and House. We suggest you begin with the Governor’s Office the first year you make the request!

What to do:
• Tell them your story and how joining in recognizing this day will help raise awareness of mesothelioma
• Ask what their process for making a resolution is and ask how you can help
• Offer to provide the resolution text available from the Meso Foundation
• Provide them with relevant information about asbestos and mesothelioma and how this affects your area. A great source is the Advocacy section of the Meso Foundation website, www.curemeso.org
• Let the Meso Foundation know about your efforts so that we can track the proclamations across the country!

Be sure to contact us when your proclamation is confirmed so that we can add it to our map! Any Questions? Please contact us at info@curemeso.org or 877-363-6376.