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Meso Research | Science Advisory Board | Haining Yang, MD, PhD

Meet Haining Yang, MD, PhD

Mesothelioma Research Experts: Haining Yang, MD, PhD

Haining Yang, MD, PhD, is Associate Professor at the University of Hawai’i Cancer Center. She graduated from Shandong Medical University, China in 1997, and received her Ph.D. in Biology from Shandong University in 2002. She moved to US in 2003 and worked at the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center of the Loyola University, Chicago until 2006 when she joined the University of Hawai’i.

Dr. Yang’s research focuses on mesothelioma pathogenesis and mineral fiber carcinogenesis. She discovered that asbestos causes the release of HMGB1 promoting and sustaining a chronic inflammatory process that eventually leads to mesothelioma development. Moreover, her discovery that HMGB1 also maintains the mesothelioma malignant phenotype steers the development of novel therapeutic approaches for this deadly cancer. She is also conducting clinical trials on early detection and prevention of mesothelioma. Dr. Yang’s research is funded by the National Cancer Institute, the V-Foundation and the Department of Defense, and the results of her work have been published in high-ranked journals, includingPNAS, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Nature Geneticsand others.

Dr. Yang received EU Marie Curie Scholarship from the European Commission Marie Curie Actions Program in 2005, and she is one of the recipients of the Landon Award from American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in 2008.

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