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Emotional and Mental Health Work

This is perhaps the most neglected part of a person’s treatment. You hear about cancer cells, what to eat, how to exercise, side effects and symptoms. Rarely do you hear about how you will react emotionally, how you might fight depression, if your mind will ever be quiet again after going through option after option, over and over again. This section we hope will open your eyes to a new aspect of your health you may not have thought of before, what’s in your head. We also strive to put forth some practices you wouldn’t have thought to use so you can find how surprisingly helpful they can be.


As an “intentional self-regulation of attention” meditation is a practice used for relaxation of both body and mind that comes from intense concentration. A person may focus on their breath, an object or a specific word or set of words called a mantra.

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Imagery is a technique that uses the mind to influence the body. It is one of the most positive practices and creates a sense of being in control or more a part of the healing process. Patients can focus on feelings and senses to create a positive focus within their body and mind and direct that focus to further fight the disease. Some find it to be extremely calming and purposeful. It can reduce stress, depression and anxious feelings; it can help control pain and ease other side effects.

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Even further concentration from meditation can lead to a trace state where you are still, calm and yet still awake. This is considered begin hypnotizes. Within this state patients find peace and are able to manage pain and stress.

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While being spiritual is mostly expressed through a specific religion, it is not always. Being aware of something bigger than yourself is considered being spiritual. Specific religions offer a community and gathering of a like-minded group. Either way you choose to participate, this method may give you new hope and a more peaceful grounded sense of self.

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Support Groups

Without an outlet, feelings, emotions and stress build to make you feel worse than perhaps you’d like. As mesothelioma is particularly rare, the experience you have can feel isolating and daunting. The Meso Foundation offers a full spectrum of support groups for the patient, the caregiver and the bereaved.