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Financial Assistance for Patients

A mesothelioma diagnosis is generally an emotionally-overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, often, it also takes a heavy financial toll on patients and their families.

Mesothelioma treatment requires the expertise of a specialist who has extensive mesothelioma experience. Such experts are available at a limited number of centers, access to which often requires the patient to travel. Mesothelioma patients can greatly benefit from consulting with an expert. In many cases, the mesothelioma expert will be able to work with the patient’s local physicians to guide them through a more specialized treatment.

The Meso Foundation believes that every patient should have the chance to be seen by an appropriate mesothelioma expert, regardless of their ability to pay. The Patient Travel Grant program was created to provide those patients with financial assistance.

One of the following criteria must be met to qualify for the travel grant:

• A patient is required to travel in order to receive an expert consult on their mesothelioma diagnosis and cannot afford to do so without assistance. Repeat visits or treatment visits are not covered.

• The patient has relapsed and needs to explore a new option of treatment or clinical trial and must travel to receive expert care or an expert consult.

• The patient has enrolled in a treatment based clinical trial (found on clinicaltrials.gov) and must travel to their appointment, in which case each visit will be considered as a new application.

This program provides a one-time grant of up to $1,000 to cover expenses incurred by a patient (exceptions made for recurring clinical trial visits). This $1,000 grant can cover the costs of travel, lodging and meals. To receive a grant, patients are required to complete an application and document significant financial need. The grant is paid by check directly to the patient.

To receive an application or learn more about the travel grant program, contact us at info@curemeso.org or (703) 879-3797.