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Fundraising Ideas

Tips for a successful event 

  • Clear purpose and
  • Good organization
  • Appropriate and adequate
  • Priorities in your budget
  • Timing
  • Staffing
  • Excellent location
  • Exciting agenda
Fundraising is at the heart of the Foundation’s mission of eradicating meso as a life-ending
disease. Without these dollars we could not support the research needed to find viable
treatments and ultimately a cure. But special events do more for the organization than just
raise money. These events also raise awareness about the Foundation and its programs,
and they build community.

A fundraising event or activity can be as simple as a letter writing campaign or as
sophisticated as a golf tournament, 5K or 10K walk/run or a dinner dance. We encourage
you to use your creativity and personal resources, interests and skills in developing a

The first step in planning an event is to decide on the type of event and if it makes sense to
achieve your goals. There are thousands of different ideas but what they all boil down to is
giving donors something for their money. Below is a list of some of the most successful
fundraising events. These are provided to help you get your creative juices flowing - your
event need not be limited to this list.

Extravaganzas: Examples include gala dinners-dances, benefit concerts, cruises, major
sporting events, and run/walks. People come to these events for a good time as well as to
support the cause. These types of events are also opportunities to recruit corporate
sponsorships and partnerships. They require a good deal of pre-planning and event day
man power – but they can produce excellent results if done well.

Gambling and Bargains for Bucks: Examples include bingos, raffles, casino nights,
garage sales, rummage sales, auctions, flea markets and bake sales. People come for a
good deal. Those attending may not even know which organization is hosting the event.
These events can be modest or on a grand scale.

Virtual Events: People buy a ticket to a non-event entitling
them to stay home and relax. Since most people by tickets
primarily because a friend has asked them to – holding the
event may be needless work. Explain how much money will
be saved by not arranging a hall, food, and entertainment.
Explain how they as they donor will save with no expense for
hair-dos, baby-sitters, parking, gas, rented tuxedo, and so on.
The idea here is not to replace an actual event you could
host, but an imaginary one, so make it lavish and

Network/Relationship Fundraising: In addition to events, there are a number of direct
fundraising activities. Examples include letter writing campaigns, requesting donations in
lieu of gifts at a wedding or other special occasion, and specific requests to
individuals/organizations you have a relationship with that are involved, or might get
involved, in philanthropy. People will give because they have been asked to by someone
they know and agree that the money will go to a good cause. This type of fundraiser can be
very simple to produce but has the potential to raise a great deal of money.

• A special fundraising opportunity is available to those who are or have been
represented by an attorney in a meso/asbestos lawsuit. We encourage these
individuals to ask their attorneys if they would give a portion of their fees to
fund meso research. Many volunteers have successfully taken this
opportunity, resulting in significant contributions towards research. Call the
Foundation office for more details and assistance in approaching your