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The Meso Foundation Science Advisory Board: Luciano Mutti, MD

Meet Luciano Mutti, MD

Mesothelioma Research Experts: Luciano Mutti, MD

Dr. Luciano Mutti gained his medical degree in 1982 from Genoa University, Italy. He holds a speciality in Respiratory Medicine from University of Genoa and a PhD in Oncology from University of Turin, Italy. Currently, Dr Mutti is Chief of the Department of General Medicine and Director of the Lab of Clinical Oncology in Vercelli Hospital, Italy. He is also filling the position ad interim of Consultant in Oncology at Royal Marsden in London . He is the current President of the Italian Group for the study of Mesothelioma (G.I.Me). Italian Director of the IMIG Borad (International Mesothelioma Interest Group) and Director of the scientific committee of the Buzzi Foundation for the research on Mesothelioma. He has published over 100 papers on preclinical and clinical studies on Mesothelioma and with his group has been developing novel approaches to the treatment of this tumor.

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