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The Meso Foundation Board of Directors: Dr. Faris Farassati

Meet Dr. Faris Farassati, Director

Dr. Farassati and his team are pioneers in the field of translational cancer research with a major focus on developing novel strategies for treatment of mesothelioma and other human malignancies. Dr. Farassati’s team has developed the Signal-Smart 1(SS1) virus as the first prototype of oncolytic viruses targeting overactivation of Ras signaling pathway. Other groups in Dr. Farassati’s lab focus on targeting mesothelioma and related cancers stem cells by inhibition of mesothelin and Ezh2. Dr. Farassati has received more than 17 grants in the last 5 years (including three federal grants from DoD) and has risen to the rank of Associate Professor after 4 years of being an independent investigator. His research has frequently attracted national and international attention. He was named as the receiver of the Lopez family endowment in mesothelioma research at KU in 2011. He was named as the chair of the oncology session of the WCNT as of 2010 and the Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Oncolytic Virotherapy as of 2012. In 2012, Dr. Farassati was awarded with the “Dean’s Excellence in Mentoring Post-Doctoral Fellows Award” and membership in the “Society of Distinguished Mentors”. In this regard, Dr. Farassati is currently developing a specific curriculum for training post-doctoral fellows with high expertise in mesothelioma research.

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