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Annual Donors 2014

The Meso Foundation is funded entirely through the commitment and generosity of our supporters, all of whom have joined in the common mission of finding a cure for mesothelioma. Our supporters include patients, their families and loved ones, 2013 Legal Partners for a Cure, pharmaceutical and other corporate supporters and foundations. Because of your support, the Foundation funds the highest-quality, peer-reviewed research, provides education and support to patients and their loved ones and leads advocacy efforts to increase federal funding for research and increase awareness of mesothelioma. We have listed below donors who have donated or pledged $10,000 and above in 2014. View here our 2013 donors.

$500,000 and above
Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos

$100,000 - $500,000
Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney & Meisenkothen
The Richard and Sandra Schulze Family Fund

$25,000 - $50,000
Betty and Don Bendix
Ferraro and Associates, PA
Louis Fishbein
International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers
Simmons Hanley Conroy

$10,000 - $25,000
Aduro Biotech Inc
Joe Belluck
Missy Bowles
The Edgar Lomax Company
J.R. Albert Foundation, Inc.
Julie Gundlach and Dan Young
Mary and Charles Hesdorffer
Shelly Kozicki
Ted Lackner
Patricia Lindsay
Hanne Mintz
Richard and Lora Mosca
Motley Rice, LLC
National Insulation Association
Owens Corning Corporation
Mark Strauss
Shrader & Associates
George and Arlene Zachmann

$5,000 - $10,000
Beate Barrett
Joan Brown
Geraldine Contrino
Zvi Eiref
Karen Forbis
Ted and Jennifer Gianaris
Kimberly and Todd Giardino
Gori, Julian & Associates, PC
Sanjay Jin and Susan Critchfield
Johnson & Johnson - Matching Gifts Program
Kay Kaufman
The Kuwait American School
Mary Morvant
John and Jane Panza
Olga Pavlick
Ron and Jeannie Piekunka
Pinnacle Biologics, Inc
Teresa Pounds
Race Roster
Susan and Ted Sherman
Janet Simkins
Enrico Sorrentino
Hannelore Tucker
Jill Waite
Mark Wells
Janice Wright

$1,000 - $5,000
Fahed Alhabib
American Legion Synepuxent Post 166
Dwight Allen
Doris Weitz and Alexander Williams
Bonnie and John Anderson
Applied Medical
Len and Karen Atkins
Martin and Jeanie Auslander
Sandra Balthazar
Michael Becich
Theresa Bosko
Deborah and Winston Bott
Robert and Sheila Brittingham
Kevin Bronner
Gouke Burgerding
Mary E. Burton
Rick and Elizabeth Burton
Diane L. Butcher
Jill Cagle
Trident Capital
Darciena and Richard Christel
Geri Coen
Lynn Cole
The Estate of Charlie Cole
Patricia Convertino
Robert Cosentino
Suellen Crano
Vicki Cronin
Daytona State College
Linda DiRenzo
Kari and Bernard Dusich
Joanne Ehrig
Alvin Ehrig, Jr.
Jim and Naomi Ellison
Virginia Engler
Michael Evert
City of Federal Way
Leslie Felbain
Kenneth Finkelstein
Stuart Friedman
Ellen Frohnmayer
Jennifer Gelsick
Ellen and Bill Greengoss
Paul and Linda Gridley
Tina and Steve Gump
Kendal Hale
Hampton Bays Union Free School District
Nancy Hanna
Lee Harkaway
Sandra Hazen
Judith Hicks
Charles and Kathleen Hinkaty
Patricia Hornblower
Marvin Hoyt
Caren and Bill Hurley
Marlene and Thomas Hynes
Patricia Jacobsen
Steven Johnson
Angelina Jolie
Jim Jones
Robin Kalmanson
Kerry Kelley
Jill Keppler
Lila Sue Krishbaum
Lee Krug
Sarah Lackner
The Lanier Law Firm
Verda Mae Lewis
Heather Little-Brown and M. David Brown
Tammi Littleman
Joe and Shari Losch
Maria Losch
Judy Lower
Barbara Madsen
Mattaini Family Foundation
Gloria McClain
Paula McErlane
Phyllis and Joel Miller
Jennifer Miller Peters
Marina Mintz
Nana Morelli
Brooke Mossman
Patricia Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J Nasella
Rod Nash
Joanna Nelson
Sandra and David Neuenschwander
Russell Norman
Rosemary Patrick
Ellen Patton
Gary Paul
Lew Phelps
Marion Pistoia
Mary Plaisance
Colette Poore
Marilyn Porchetta
Evelyn Roca
Howard and Tema Rosenblum
Jonathan Ruckdeschel
Susan Rundle
Rusty Clements Memorial Golf Tourment
Theresa Rzepka
Santa Margarita Catholic High School Breath of Hope Club
Bill Saffels
Elaine and Michael Serling
Maryann and Richard Shanas
Nancy Silva
Kenneth Smith
Karen Spracher
Lorna Staples
Peggy Sterling
Jennifer Sutherland
Nancy and John Tellor
Suzanne Ternan
Tim Theis
Peter Van Hoven
TRUE Ventures
Barbara Walker
Mark Wells
Judith Whitmire
Joseph Williams
Matthew Williamson
Mary Winham
Eric Witkin