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Rising Leaders Council

The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (Meso Foundation) has established the Rising Leaders Council to create a community for up-and-coming fundraisers and advocates to come together in support of the Meso Foundation. Together, Rising Leaders Council members will help obtain the resources needed for the organization to continue its quest to eradicate mesothelioma.

The Fundraising Levels:
The Rising Leaders Council has two structured fundraising levels: $5,000 and $2,500. Membership can be achieved by fundraising and/or making a personal donation to the Foundation. Fundraising can include hosting an event, collecting donations through an online fundraising page, and conducting a letter writing campaign. All gifts are unrestricted to provide the Meso Foundation with a vital source of annual support for the varied programs and services that help more than 600 people per month.

When you become a Rising Leaders Council member, you will:
• Join a group of young mesothelioma advocates who share your commitment to helping advance the mission of the Meso Foundation;
• Get an insider’s look at the impact of your fundraising through a quarterly call with other Council members and the Meso Foundation staff;
• Receive special recognition for your participation in the Foundation’s Annual Report and on the organization’s website;
• Receive special recognition at the 2016 Symposium and an invitation to the VIP reception;
• Attend a conference call with Dr. Richard Alexander, chair of the Board of Directors for the Meso Foundation, to discuss current meso research and new developments.

The Role of a Rising Leaders Council Member:
Members of the Rising Leaders Council will be advocates of the Meso Foundation within their peer and/or professional circles. They will work individually and together to help raise awareness and funds for the Foundation’s efforts.

The Steering Committee
The Rising Leaders Council will be governed by the Meso Foundation and a Steering Committee comprised of 4-8 charter Rising Leaders Council members. They will be asked to recruit new members to the group and grow the sphere of support for the organization through various outreach efforts. Each new member will be given an introduction to the Meso Foundation, including an overview of our activities, as well as of our programmatic and financial goals. The Steering Committee will help determine the agenda and topics for the quarterly call. The Meso Foundation staff will support the Rising Leaders Council and Steering Committee members.

Pledge and Payment:
The only requirement for membership is to fundraise and/or donate $5,000 or $2,500 in the calendar year (fundraising and donations between January and December 2016 will qualify you as a 2016 Rising Leaders Council member). Pledges made on the agreement form should be fulfilled in the same calendar year in which they are made in order to qualify for membership. Multi-year pledges are also welcomed, though multi-year membership in the Rising Leaders Council is contingent on annual pledge payments at one of the two giving levels.

2015 Rising Leaders
Aria Bendix, Isabella Bendix, Missy Bowles, Marco D. Britt, Chastity Brown, Darlene Carenza, Jennifer Gelsick, Erica Iacono, Sarah Lackner, Marina Mintz, Jennifer Todd, Jill Waite. 

Please express your commitment to the Meso Foundation by joining the Rising Leaders Council.

For more information, please contact Erica Ruble at eruble@curemeso.org or 703.879.3826.