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Percentage Donations


The Meso Foundation intimately knows its community of patients and families. One thing we know is that many of our members enter into lawsuits and receive compensation. We are asking that those members consider giving back by pledging a percentage of their settlement as a donation to the Meso Foundation’s worthy programs. This contribution will help ensure that future members will continue to receive the essential medical support they need and that the Meso Foundation will continue to fund top peer-reviewed research and advocate for increased federal funding.

The Meso Foundation is the only charitable organization dedicated to serving the needs of the mesothelioma community with a mission to eradicate mesothelioma and end the suffering caused by this cancer.  Every dollar donated to the Foundation, is a dollar that can be used on research, patient services, education and advocacy. The Foundation would not exist without donors, like you, who believe in the importance of the Foundation’s mission. 

“There is a common misconception that the Meso Foundation is entirely, or even mostly, funded by law firms. This is not the case,” said Melinda Kotzian, CEO of the Meso Foundation. “In fact, a substantial 65% of our funding comes from individual donors.”  

The Foundation relies on the financial support of  its community to advance its mission. With only limited treatments available, research is essential to current and future mesothelioma patients.  “The Meso Foundation is here to serve the needs of the meso community and we need everyone to do what they can so we can achieve our mission and make mesothelioma a cancer of the past.”