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Asbestos and Prevention: Our Prevention Program

In keeping with the mission and goals of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, we believe that prevention of exposures to asbestos and other known carcinogens associated with the development of mesothelioma will contribute to the eradication of mesothelioma and its effects on human life. Our ultimate aim is to eliminate asbestos exposures and extinguish fears of diseases associated with asbestos exposures. By uniting globally with top experts, the Meso Foundation strives to be the leader in prevention education, therefore taking one more giant step toward eradicating mesothelioma.

What We Do 

We believe that proper education about asbestos and other known carcinogens is essential and we seek to make sure that every individual knows how to prevent mesothelioma by:

• Bringing together top environmental and medical experts who share the common goal of eradicating mesothelioma;

• Instilling a thought process of “Stop – Look – Think” to eliminate reactive decisions, prevent unnecessary exposures and take-home exposures;

• Creating an accessible base of information regarding possible asbestos-containing materials and proper asbestos-containing material remediation;

• Funding research into early detection of mesothelioma and at-risk populations.

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