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2017 Symposium Live Stream


While you watch, please click here to join us on Facebook to ask questions and discuss presented material.

Though we would love to see everyone in person, we realize that mesothelioma patients aren't always able to travel. Patients (or anyone else interested) can learn about the latest mesothelioma treatment options by watching most Symposium presentations through our broadcast, live streamed through the internet. Connecting to the live stream is easy and free of charge. You only need a computer (tablets and smartphones will also work) and an internet connection. While watching, viewers will even be able to ask questions while at home.

Tune in on this page on Monday, March 27 and Tuesday, March 28, 2017 starting at 9 AM ET to watch our patient/caregiver/families/bereaved conference sessions live.

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Live Stream Agenda

Visit curemeso.org/symposium to learn more about the Symposium and view the agenda.