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The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation's team of experts is available to answer your questions about mesothelioma, its symptoms and treatments as well as options available to you. This help is a free service. We are not a law firm. Read more about the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation.

TO GET HELP CALL: (877) End-Meso or (877) 363-6376 or fill out the form to the right to be contacted by us.

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2017 Year-End Giving


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How far can you stretch a dollar? That question (or some version of it) is something we get asked a lot.

We're proud to say that here at the Meso Foundation we stretch our donor’s dollars, and invest them on multiple fronts to end mesothelioma. In fact, 86 cents of every dollar we raise goes directly to:

Accelerating Breakthroughs: We fund the most promising studies, injecting more than $9.8 million across 104 studies into research to date, the results of which have compounded into dramatic improvements in diagnosis, treatment, and standards of care.

Helping patients and families navigate the disease: We provide a wide range of patient/caregiver support services including:

   • one-on-one consultations
   • support groups
   • clinical trial updates
   • patient travel grants
   • conferences

Serving as a knowledge hub: They convene mesothelioma doctors, scientists, and patients to improve overall knowledge of the disease and treatment options. The Foundation connects the needs of the patient community with the needs of the medical community.

Building a community: We provide a resource outside of the clinical setting, so that anyone touched by mesothelioma knows they are not alone. We celebrate the ups and battle the downs of this disease together.

I hope you’re reading all of this and saying to yourself: I know! But what you may not know is that more than 65% of funding for our work comes from individuals; not corporations, not foundations, and not public funding. And, despite a decrease in the new use of asbestos, the CDC reports that diagnosed cases of mesothelioma have risen between 1999 and 2015. For us, that means it is critical we secure the funding needed to continue to support the growing patient population and research for a cure.

The meso community is like none-other and we are proud of the ever-growing network of patients, families, doctors and scientists all working to end mesothelioma. It is the strength of our community that will overcome this cancer, and the combined strength of our community that funds our work. I write today to humbly ask you to donate to the Meso Foundation so that we can continue to serve the meso community and work to put an end to mesothelioma as we know it.

Click here to make an online donation.