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Director of Community and Patient Support

Job Description

Foundation Overview

The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (Meso Foundation) is the nonprofit collaboration of patients and families, physicians, advocates, and researchers dedicated to eradicating the life-ending and vicious effects of mesothelioma. From our office in Washington, DC, the Foundation’s staff works nationally and globally to accomplish this mission. We offer medical information, hope and support to mesothelioma patients and families, fund the highest quality and most promising research projects from around the world, raise awareness of the disease, and advocate that the public and private sectors partner in the effort to cure it.  


The Director of Community and Patient Support serves as the Meso Foundation’s liaison between the mesothelioma community for all medically related issues. The Director of Community and Patient Support will report to the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer. In this role, the Director of Community and Patient Support will speak with patients and family members and answer questions about mesothelioma, its symptoms and treatments. The Director of Community and Patient Support will oversee the Foundation’s research grant review process and will be working with the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and members of the medical community on any initiatives that will help the mission of the Foundation.is


1. Oversee the Patient Education Program (50 - 60%)

  • Provide one-on-one contact with patients, families, caregivers and new contacts
  • Provide patients, families and caregivers with useful, accurate, specific information on availability of mesothelioma specialists, treatments, and clinical trials
  • Oversee development of medical/treatment resource library – printed material and web resources, especially including lists of clinical trials, treatments and meso specialists
  • Work with Program Assistant to help raise awareness and educate patients on the Patient Travel Grant Program; Work with Program Assistant to effectively track and report the program, and fully engage participants in the Foundation’s other programs and services
  • Provide feedback on ongoing development, maintenance and quality control of database as it pertains to accurate, comprehensive entry of patient/family and volunteer data
  • Expand our referral list by identifying medical experts who can assist in all aspects of mesothelioma care. This list to include; medical oncologists, pain specialists, radiation oncologists, bereavement counselors, psychiatrists/psychologists and social workers.

2. Oversee the Research Grant Program (5-10%)

  • Track all grants in grants database and look for ways to improve our grant program
  • Ensure that grants program is funding the top grants each year
  • Monitor the quarterly reports in order to advise CEO and the Board of Directors on conceptual design and quality control of grants program

3. Communications and Program Support (10-15%)

  • Communicate regularly – both individually and as a group – with meso doctors and researchers, especially those who have received grant funding or are applying for funding
  • Through such communications and through medical literature and relevant medical conferences, stay up to date, keep the website and/or resource library up to date, and keep other Foundation staff, especially CEO, up to date on what is happening in meso science and treatment
  • Use this information to advise patients in the Patient Education Program, develop material for the newsletter and the website, and help organize agenda for symposium and meetings
  • Look for ways to move our mission forward by working with the medical community
  • Assist with the agendas of regional conferences and the International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma

4. Building Our Network (10 -15%)

  • Cultivate the personal relationships with patients, families and caregivers to build the meso community and attract major gifts and volunteers
  • Work with development staff to write grants for patient education and support, as well as grants that encompass community studies
  • Identify potential donors and prepare them for contact with major gifts person
  • Facilitate the transition from patient/caregiver to volunteer and advocate
  • Cultivate doctors, nurses and social workers at major meso centers, especially those affiliated with the Foundation through membership on Boards, receipt of grant funding, or presentation at Symposium, to encourage their patients to contact us.
  • Recruit social workers and volunteers to lead support groups and/or information seminars with a consistent approved contextual message beginning on East Coast, then to other major cities w/ meso populations nationwide. Initial target: social workers and nurses working with meso board, scientific advisory committee members and our website designated medical experts.
  • Speak to relevant groups, i.e. ONS, nursing groups, and oncology social workers, to raise awareness of meso and of the Foundation
  • Assist with developing “marketing” literature to distribute to front-line doctors, and at-risk populations (unions, veterans’ groups, exposed communities like Iron Range citizens), to raise awareness of meso and of the Foundation

5. Other Tasks as Needed


The Meso Foundation is looking to hire a Director of Community and Patient Support who has the following experience and skills, at a minimum:

  • At least 6-10 years of working in a medical setting with oncology work preferred
  • Must be licensed in a given medical profession
  • Excellent ability to connect and communicate with patients
  • Ability to learn and process medical research and help others understand medical information
  • Ability to develop and maintain relationships across all levels of the organization with a broad spectrum of stakeholders
  • Knowledge of research in mesothelioma a plus
  • Must be a team player and able to work with others
  • Superior written and verbal communication
  • Bachelors degree or higher degree
  • Ability to travel, as needed
  • Must be able to walk up and down flights of stairs and lift up to 20 pounds

To apply for this position please send a resume, cover letter and salary history to info@curemeso.org. Salary will commensurate with experience.