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Mary Hesdorffer announces retirement as executive director

Dear friends and supporters,

I have exciting news to share with you. If you recall, a few years ago after retiring for a few months I was asked by the board of directors to return and continue leading the organization.

I fully committed to a three-year contract with the anticipation that I would then retire again (for good) and leave this Foundation well-positioned and ready for new leadership.

That time has now come! My three years are now over, and our board of directors has hired a new executive director effective August 30th.

On August 30th, I will step back from my responsibilities as executive director but will continue with my role as the medical director until our board’s search committee finds the best candidate to take on patient and family support and education services, management of our grant program, and other tasks that fall within that role.

In the next few days, our board of directors and I will introduce you to our new executive director and invite you to welcome her to the organization. In the meantime, until further notice, I will continue working with our patients and their families as always.

It has brought me great pleasure to serve this deserving community in my capacity as the executive director of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation and, like you, I am fully vested in the success of this organization and its work.

Best regards,

Mary Hesdorffer


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